January 13th, 2005

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I'm tired.

Like, really really tired. My body and mind are close to shutdown.

I've been snipey at people, saying possibly obnoxious things while my own head sees them as innocent  humor. Sorry about that.

Alright, so I'm at work alone today. And there are no memes floating around that would generate millions of entertaining comments. Damn.
foamy love

What makes me happy.

While I am exhausted, I am smiling knowing I did the right thing twice last night. Once in helping out my parents, and the other with a phone call before I left for the hospital that went in unexpected but satisfying and hopeful directions.

I am blessed.

Icon goodness

I need a new default icon, one that preferably has my face in it. (Need to appease the unruly bears that read me *wink*).

Anyone want to take a stab it it?