January 19th, 2005


Software recommendation

Does anyone know of a Windows equivalent of Mac's iCal? Looking at the website, it looks so pretty and shiny, and I would love something similar for the PC. I don't use Outlook for e-mail, so I find that program annoying to boot up when I only want to use it for the calender.

Any thoughts?

A part of me is starting to wonder about a Mac for music and organization, and my PC for gaming and other stuff. And it frightens me that I'm thinking that.

Could I use a A/B switcher to use the same monitor for two systems, i.e. the new cheapo small Mac? Same with keyboard/mouse?

Because I'm an idiot...

Alright, so I like the Mini Mac. But, I don't have nor can I justify the money it costs. But then I found this. I hated this when the iPod offer was going around, but... I know it was legit. And, the online offers did include a printer ink site, which I need anyway, so...

I signed up. Of course, it needs 10 referrals. I am SO not going to spam my friends, though. I realize that I will never have 10 people sign up. But, I'll put it out there just in case. This is the only attempt I will make at this. And, I'm going to put it behind a cut-tag for all of you who now want to slap me.

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Editorial update: Wow! 8 people actually signed up! Thank you! Now I just need another 2, and for everyone to follow through with their online offer. If any of you experience problems, or costs, let me know. I'll will be glad to help/take care of them.