January 28th, 2005

foamy love


I want to go into hibernation. I want to go home to my warm, cozy studio apartment and not leave. I want cute and adorable and fuzzy and not-so-fuzzy people to come over and hibernate with me. I want to be surrounded by faeries, bears, cute girls, adorable boys, sisters, family members, and we'll throw in a frog for good measure.

I want to escape this cold and not leave my apartment. I want the Vampyre Den to become a lounge for all the cool people in my life.

Yeah, that sounds just right. :-)
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pissed off

28... 22... 16... 12... 8... and falling fast

Some of you might have surmised by now that work is killing me.

I have been working on this one project now for 3 weeks. While juggling 3 others.

It is arguably the dumbest project that will turn out to be one of the most important of my career. It is a presentation on a dumb topic that will wind up getting presented by me to the most senior staff of our client, and in front of the most senior staff of my company.

I screw this up, I probably lose my job.

This project has me at the end of my nerves. I am literally ready to break down, cry, and enter into a temper tantrum that would echo some of the greatest performances of my childhood era.

It's that bad.
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