January 31st, 2005

loser - made by ozw

Right back to the beginning.

I had a lovely weekend, with a restful night in on Friday night talking to people important to me, and a Sat night successful fundraiser for good people in DC. I'll talk about that one another time, have good funny things to say about it and a rant about the lack of any decent inclusive community in DC.

So, happy, smiling, I come into work today, and immediately get stared down by this fucking presentation. I am now right back to where I was, which is one blink away from breakdown and tears. I hate this presentation more than words can ever explain, and I suspect I will be in the office until at least 9 PM tonight working on it.

Here is my request to you. Give me happy things. Naughty things. Things that will make me smile. Give me one thing that will allow me to sidestep this presenation for one millisecond. I highly doubt I will be able to respond to any of you due to work, but, I will be reading. And hopefully smiling.

E-mail, LJ comments, whatever. Help me live through this day.