March 21st, 2005

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Boymeat Survives Surgery

This is Lolita posting on Boymeat's LJ (I am still not reading mine).

So, after a weekend of lots of partying and playing, we dragged ourselves out before daybreak to the New York Eye and Ear Infirmary. Boymeat was very nervous, but bravely went under the knife. He even joked with his surgeon, "How's your hands today, Doc?"

While he was in surgery, I spent some of the time enjoying a meal at Veselka... But I was back in time for when Boymeat was delivered to the recovery area. He had thrown up after coming out of anesthesia. His head hurt so they gave him some morphine. He was a bit high and unsteady but very alert. And he could hear! His ear was stuffed with a cotton ball and it was bleeding, but he said he could hear well. He could hear things that he could not hear before - like the typewriter at the nurse's station. He worried that things sounded a bit weird and echo-y but it really is too early to judge the success of the operation. And he is not yet sure if the ringing has gone away or not. Let's wait and see.

Anyway, he went to his parent's place to recuperate a bit. They will lavish him with attention until he gets totally sick of that. He'll be back in the city at his apartment on Wednesday. I have a Excel spreadsheet set up to schedule caregivers round the clock through Sunday (blowjobs are welcome). We hope he returns to work on Monday.
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