March 22nd, 2005

I'm alive.

Hey all... figured I'd put a quick post here to let you all know I'm OK.

Actually, I'm surprisingly much better off than I expected. A little dizzy. I am discovering I get more dizzy at the computer than if not, so, I'm limiting my time on here. Other than that, I am experiencing a strange echo in my ears. You see, my right ear is stuffed with packing, which I'm not quite certain if I should be changing or not. I'm experiencing a little lack of communication from my doctor. Time will tell, but I know I AM supposed to have packing in there until my next appointment, which is on Tuesday afternoon. In the meantime, any sound that comes into my right ear gets amplified and reverberated until it's a blob of sound. Quite a strange phemonomon.

So, that's me. Alive, slightly dizzy, and hearing blobs. Yay.