March 23rd, 2005

It couldn't have been that easy

I believe I just hit my first post-operation snag. It was all happening way too easy for something not to happen.

Up until last night, it wasn't clear whether or not I still had that obnoxious ringing in my ear. Yes, there were echos, but that was all I could tell.

Until around 11 PM last night that is. That is when I first noticed it - loud, piercing, high-pitched, constant tone in my right ear. It has been non-stop since then. Louder and higher pitched than I ever had before the surgery. It is quite literally mind-numbing. I wasn't able to get to sleep until 6 AM, because the ringing kept me awake. It is the loudest thing I have heard, it is always there, piercing and surrounding my brain.

Looks like I'm going to call the doctor today. If I have to live with this, I am going to ask him to make me deaf. I CANNOT live like this.