April 7th, 2005

foamy domination

Cryptic much, Phil?

I might be on the verge of doing something absolutely insane. Everyone who knows me half-way well will wonder "Why in the world???!!!"

People who love me quite possibly will want me shot.

Here is the thing. When something good is about to die, and I might be able to play a small role in fixing it, I know I'll regret it if I don't and it does indeed die.

I'm not referring to a person. I'm referring to a brand, an identity, an institution.

It's crazy... but it just might work. Woo knows. Oy.

More details once I decide whether or not I truly need to be committed.
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Never was good at holding shit in.

Cryptic puzzle solved - I can't believe I am actually thinking about running for the board for a SM organization.

But I seriously think good things can happen. I'm sure this will get eyebrows raised in certain individuals... and it is you I want to talk to. :-)
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