April 10th, 2005

Phil has a stereotypical het male moment

I know, disgusting isn't it? I try to avoid them as much as possible.

I love having basic cable. Love it love it love it. One of my secret guilty pleasures, all my life, has been to randomly watch the not-so-popular sports on TV. Started when I was young watching CBS' Wide World of Sports. That then flew into auto racing. And on and on and on.

So, relaxing tonight on my couch after a productive day, I turned on ESPN2, the perfect channel for random sports watching. And I find they are broadcasting NHRA drag racing. Yay! Mind you, I know none of the participants, have only a cursery knowledge of difference between Top-Fuel, Funny Cars, etc. But, I love it.

One of the add-ons to the sport since I was a wee-one has been drag motorcycle races. Hot. Hot hot hot.

But, it got hotter. Here I am, watching this beautiful blonde woman, Karen Stoffer, riding a motorcycle at speeds upwards of 180 mph down the quarter mile. And ride her way to the championship.

I'm in lust.
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