April 13th, 2005

Bionic by just a sliver

Just got back from another doctor appointment. My ear is healing better than he ever imagined. Apparantely, I am not supposed to have regained so much hearing this quickly. Then again, I wasn't supposed to lose it that quickly either.

Lolita always yells at me for moving too fast.

My left ear isn't ready for surgery yet. As of my last hearing test, which was well before my surgery, I had a 20 decibel  loss. He doesn't recommend surgery for anything less than 35.

But, I get a hearing test in 3 weeks. So we'll see then.

Did you know that the stapes bone is the smallest bone in the body? SOOO tiny. Thus, the steel and wire replacement that was put in is barely as big as an iron shaving.

So, I may very well be a bionic man, but by a sliver. Oh well.
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