May 23rd, 2005

Amazing how a week goes by...

Has it really been almost a week since I last posted? I guess I've been busy. Which is really true... meetings all last week every day after work.

Came back yesterday from Atlantic City for a bachelor party. Good times, although I think I'm getting too old for the ole' cramming of 20+ guys into one hotel suite. Sleeping on the floor just isn't my thing anymore.

To say I appreciated lying down on my own bed last night would be like saying I also enjoy rare bits of breathing.

Played live action poker for the first time ever at a casino. My table sucked though... completely loose. These folks would just chase down any hand. My structured style of play couldn't get anything done, as I had AK cracked twice and AQ cracked three times. Oh well.

Made a whole lot of money at a Texas Hold 'Em-ish game that is played against the dealer. Had a lot of fun doing that. Yay.

Skipped the strip club portion of the trip. I don't think mere tease does it for me anymore. If I am going to see things wagging in front of me, I want to complete the deal.

I'm such a grumpy old man. :-)

This week... work, a visit from a new friend, and then off to my pilgrimage to Chicago. IML, here we come.
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