July 24th, 2005


Packing. Packing packing and more packing. Stress. And more stress.

Slight amount of catatonic-like states here and there.

But, I made sure to stay alive.

Friday night went to Paddles, and played with a sexy girl. I beat her up. It was fun.

Saturday night lovely dinner with friends, and then off to the Eagle for a beer and a cigar. That beer tasted so good. Yum.

Today, dim sum goodness! Thank you to lolitasir, badfaggot, and danbearnyc  for joining me. Eating the egg custard buns made me feel alive.

After packing, I decided to play some poker. Won a SNG tourney. Yay. Still have some of my goodness in me.

And finally, a dirty comic strip to destroy many of your youths.

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