July 28th, 2005

foamy domination

Focus on the good man, the gooooood!

People on my friends list already know this, but here is a little update - I'm moving tomorrow. Not to any place I actually want to move - this is a temporary thing until I find my grand new Vampyre Den (tm). So, I'm stressed, somewhat depressed, insert normal moving emotional shit here.

But there is good stuff to focus on! Woo-hoo, good stuff!

One of the things I have dying to announce here has been  delayed until it actually got up on their website. Tonight I checked, and there it was, soooo...

I'm gonna be a judge at Ms World Leather in Vegas, Baby!!!! Yeah! Really pysched about this. It will be my first time judging any content, and to have been selected to judge a national title is an incredible honor. Go look at the website here! And see the amazing panel of judges I'll be working with here!

Vegas, baby. Vegas! And what happens in Vegas... stays in Vegas. *wink*
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