August 12th, 2005

bork - made by ozw

I think I can, I think I can...

Lord, what a week! I haven't left work earlier than 7 PM all week long, most nights later than that. Plus I get to look forward to being in the office for parts of this weekend as well! Wheeeeeeeeee! <groaning> </groaning - temporarily>

So, some randomness, because I cannot handle anything more.

Someone in my building in Brooklyn owns a bright yellow Lamborghini. My building (which is huge, 23 stories and many, many apartments) has its own parking lot - apparantely Mr. Lamborghini has rented TWO parking spots so that he can comfortable park his car with less risk of someone opening a door into it.

OK, really. I live in middle-class neighborhood. Some places lower middle-class, not too many upper middle-class, definetely not an upper-affluence kind of place.

What the fuck are you doing with a Lamborghini in Brighton Beach, Brooklyn???


Saw the 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee last night on Broadway. Great, histerical show. Loved loved loved it! And I especially loved the rare social time it allowed. This week has been nothing but work, eat, sleep. (ok, a little masturbation thrown in for good measure.)

So now it is Friday. More work, more work. Help entertain me! Keep my eyes alert and smiling! Watch as I the comment whore throw myself at the legion of LJ denizens, desperate for happy/cool/dirty thoughts and words! Help me live!
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