August 23rd, 2005

Mind if I nap on your shoulder?

Hi everyone. Just a brief note to say I'm still alive.

But vewwy vewwy sleepy.

Work is still nutso. I think 7-7:30 PM is now my usual quitting hour. That, like, really sucks. I really hope not to stay that late tonight, because I have cool cigar and poker plans with bears. (Speaking of, do any of you have a spare cigar for me? Been too busy to even shop.)

Travel plans abound in coming weeks. Vegas this weekend for Ms. World Leather in which I am a judge. Which then leads into a redeye flight on Sunday, coming straight to work from the airport. Lord will that Monday suck.

Soon after that comes Inferno. My mind reels over the fact that I will be going to this event. For years it scared me shitless, seeing the photos, knowing of all the major gay male players that go there. To think I will stand next to them side-by-side blows my mind. They already sent my run patch to me in the mail, and it is all I can do to not run to a sewing machine (er, a person with a sewing machine,) and put it on my vest. I will hold off until after the event, because I strongly feel I am not allowed to wear it until I have had the experience. The same way I will never wear a run shirt or pin for an event I did not go to.


After that comes a teaching gig in North Carolina for CAPEX. This trip is starting to develop into quite a wild weekend. It looks like there are plan to ensure that I get absolutely no sleep whatsoever during the time I am down there. I'm not complaining.

Had a good, special weekend with eisa in Boston. We solidified what we are to each other, and it is nice to have some order in my life once again. I am comfortable with how things stand. That is a good thing.

Oh yeah, this music meme going around? Where you are supposed to list the top 100 songs during the year you graduated high school? I refuse. If anything, only because Ace of Base has three songs in the top 10. *Shiver*
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