September 15th, 2005

Back from Inferno

Too tired to actually post a real post, so I'll give some bullet-points.

- Drove 1,700 miles between Saturday and today. The most I have ever driven, and I enjoyed 99% of it.

- badfaggot is an amazing navigator, a terrific classmate, and an even better friend. I couldn't think of a better person to share this adventure with.

- I had 6 scenes, 5 of them involving people I never played with before.

- I topped in 5, and bottomed in one.

- One man I played with marveled how my canes caused contant vibrations running through his body. We will definetely play again.

- I took someone's singletail cherry. We did it once, and he wasn't sure if he liked it. So, we did it again. I think he likes it. (I'll let him reveal himself if he wants, but, I will say here that I am overjoyed to have another good friend.)

- Comments only a precious few will understand - Get out! Smoking kills. Simple green and Off are the shit.

- The scene I bottomed to was incredibly bizarre and hot, involving mostly tickling, bare chest wrestling, and pressure points. The man I bottomed to is Hanna Barberra meets Satan. When he whispered in my ear how happy he was that I came to Inferno, I melted and wanted to cry. It made me feel welcome like nothing else.

- I played with his partner as well (see caning above.) That man is Chinese Food.

- Another man I topped is a local to me, thus more fun will be had. He growled like a dog and laughed like a kid while I used floggers, singletails, whiskers, knives and canes on his chest, all in the center stage. Hot hot hot.

- We were interupted by a run-away barrel that crashed into our space. We thought it was empty, until we heard a voice faintly say from within - "Ow." In a British accent no less. We all laughed our bloody heads off.

- My last scene was not a scene. It was a drug implant and a reckoning all rolled up into one. It was the only scene I had planned before the event, and the second time we shared this journey together. It can now be officially stated that qnetter is the new benchmark for my sadism.

- Dear gods did I love that last scene. The power in that room was incredible.

- I felt at home amongst a brotherhood. I am proud to be a part of Inferno Class of 34.
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Traveling again???!! Boston!!!

I'm not sure what is wrong with me, but after a 1,700 mile road trip, I'm going back on the road again tomorrow... to Boston!

So, all you Boston folks, come out come out!

I'll be putting together another Sunday dim sum excursion. So, e-mail me if you can make it, and I'll send you the details!