October 7th, 2005


Is there anyone in NYC who might be interested in bottoming to me for a flogging/single-tail demo this Sunday?

Let me know.


It's Friday. I don't want to be in my office... my desk... a place where I spend more time than anywhere else and quite frankly is very tiring.

There's this meme asking for romance and lewdness.

Sure, hit me. Comments screened and all that jazz. Say what you want without any prying eyes to see it.
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bork - made by ozw

Drugs. Animals. Chaos!

OK, so I just blatanly stole this from some random person's journal.

It's that good.

Probably not worksafe, just for being so disturbing. Moving picture. No nudity, no sex.

WARNING: This post has already caused one asthma attack. Look at it under your own risk.

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