October 10th, 2005


I want to bitch slap Mr. Columbus just for fun.

It's a holiday Monday, and thus I am at work. Because my company doesn't like to close on holidays. It sucks like that.

Boymeat is unhappy that: all of his jackets and his raincoat is still in storage

Boymeat is happy that: he went out this past weekend on all three days.

Boymeat saw: Serenity with lolitasir on Friday. It rocked. We also had yummy yet incredibly spicy Coconut Chicken Noodle Soup and talked a lot about topics that needed to be talked about.

Boymeat played: at Paddles on Saturday night. It was worrysome at first, as I had woken up groggy, engorged myself on videogames all day (Fable is my new crack) and then had to deal with some emotional shit of my own at the club. But, I'm glad we did it. Got to see friends from afar before Paddles at our new favorite diner, Diner 24 in Chelsea. Had a great, impact-laden scene in the upstairs space. Yum!

Boymeat demoed: at the Gay Erotic Expo on Sunday. Was bizarre... the guys watching really just didn't give a shit, and it is hard to teach something to folks who just don't give a shit. They had more fun cringing to the soft-to-medium blows I was hitting chixalfred with. Ah well, she and I got to break the ice in our first "scene," and we plan on doing it again in front of more appreciating company.

Boymeat was lame: last night, missing the Brooklyn Leather Posse's boot and cigars night at the Eagle. Sorry guys, I was tired, and needed to go home.
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