November 23rd, 2005

Music technology question

Does anyone in NYC reading this have the ability to record vinyl to CDs? Say, two 33's that I own?

Would love to listen to them again. Two classic Allan Sherman records.
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bork - made by ozw

Hanukkah clearly came early this year!

Let it be known that jbsegal is a mensch. Because of that man, I am now smiling from cheek to cheek, and giggling like I did when I was just a little boy.

Because, you see, JB has made it possible for me to re-visit my youth listening to Allan Sherman.

All of those close to me, and who dare visit my home once I move in this Friday, be advised... you will most certainly be subjected to this artisan of Jewish folk musical humour.

I am so happy right now, I could plotz.

badfaggot, these lyrics are for you.

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