November 26th, 2005



I just had a lot of fun pushing my new computer chair from Staples down the sidewalk to my building.

I adore how New Yorkers are completely nonplussed about seeing a man whisteling down the block pushing a plastic coated chair.

Well, gotta go... time for more errands. Woo!
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I should have a housewarming for this place. But, remember it is a studio, so we'll have to do it in waves.

*pictures everyone in front of my building waving*

A bunch of people have been asking me what I want for a housewarming present. I usually hate answering questions like that - I don't like making demands of presents.

But... (and trust me, I am beating down my consceince right now doing this...) if you really wanted to get me something, IKEA gift cards would work. I see quite a few new purchases in my future.

I'm also on the lookout for a good metal frame headboard/footboard for my bed. Size full. Make suggestions!

Lord I feel guilty for writing this. Oh well. Wouldn't be the first time. ;-)

Posting fiend

I'm making posts in between errands. Guess my muse is alive!

Got send a terribly old photo of me back when today. (Can't share, too many other people in the picture.) But, it made me wonder, does anyone reading this (and this would include very few people) have photos of me back when I had long hair? I have absolutely nothing from that period of time.

Oh, all my Davy-worshipping friends (hi contessagrrl) should read this: