December 6th, 2005


Notes from the field

Bird watcher log - 12/6 - 10:10 AM EST

Sighting Details
Viewed a lovely specimen in the West Village neighborhood of Manhattan. Blond, newly grown large coat of feathers, bare feet barely covered by flimsy flip flops. Excellent foot structure, toes unpainted.

Extremely rare sighting! This bird watcher was taken completely by surprise, as he was only outside for a cigarette. Was not expecting to see such a glimpse of beauty. Viewings of female barefoot species are relatively unheard of in December, at this current temperature range. While we wonder why this particular bird has resisted traditional southern-bound migration patters, we are terribly pleased to have been granted the opportunity for such a treasured sighting. Truly a gift to the bird watching community.
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Something that isn't said enough

I gotta tell ya, work has been kicking my ass from wall to wall. When I leave for the day, I feel like I've been used up. Tired. Exhausted. When I get home, I fucking collapse.

Between the 9 PM conference call last night, the 8 AM conference call this morning... the multiple client presentations all week long, 5 projects due, another client calling randomly telling us to jump... and we can just reply how high...

I'm beat!

So I came home, and put on A&E. Knights of the South Bronx. One of those films showing the has nots kicking the ass of the has.

And I cried. I cried, and I cried.

DAMN that felt good.

We don't celebrate that enough. Sometimes that cry is all you need.

I feel energized again. Thanks emotional A&E movie!
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