December 17th, 2005


I can't believe how much work has been done on my apartment, and it is only Sat at 5 PM!

Since last night, Lolita and I have:

- Built IKEA furntiture
- Put up ALL of my art
- Unpacked 5 boxes
- Organized my walk-in closet
- Hung up all my toys
- Bought lots of stuff for the apartment

I also unpacked all my books this week.

Now, this place REALLY is open for business. Good thing too, now that eisa and beowabbit are on their way here, with Sarah's Puppy Monster to boot! (Yes folks, I will have a dog living with me for the next 2 weeks... can you imagine?)


Now to go set up my new 5-gallon fish tank. There will be new fish posts in the future!

Edit - 2 hours later, I have also: vacuumed, washed all the dishes from dinner last night, and threw away schtuff I didn't need anymore (extra toilet seat, etc.) Double whew!
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