December 20th, 2005

pissed off


I have known fun at times in my life. Fun is having been able to go with eisa and lolitasir to take the Puppy Monster over to the Riverside dog run on Sunday night. Fun is spontaneous canings on my coffee table. Fun is play parties, and friends, and laughter.

Fun is NOT walking over 100 blocks in the cold to get to work today.

But, I made it. Fucking strike. SO not happy.

Aw, you don't want to contribute money to your pension. Aw, you want to retire at 55. Fuck you.

I'm as lefty as they come, but fuck this noise. Everyone pays for their pension plans... tough shit. And you're gonna hold the whole city hostage? During the holiday season?! Again, fuck you.

My class tonight is still on, as far as I know. Surviving Corporal 101... be there, if you can.
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