January 2nd, 2006

*rubbing eyes*

2006? Monday morning?


My office is open today (!!!) so I am sitting here at my desk looking at the piles of paper and things I need to do... and experiencing a whole lot of bed-want.

My New Years was lovely... spent it with both new and old friends, in a very safe, trusting, open environment. There are traditions in my life that I love... these New Years celebrations are one of them.

Like previous years, however, I am still majorly hung-over from the party. My mind drifts away here and there with the cloudiness that occurs due to certain brain chemicals being at a low. My reproduction of them has not happened swiftly. God help me if techno music should play around me. (Most of you have no idea what that last sentence meant... which is fine.)

I'm lonely at work, but looking forward to a bright year. I want to see all of you, my friends. There are many of you I want to be closer to, and others I want to simply keep walking with. Say hello, call me, write me, and I promise I will do my best to return the favors.

I miss you all, and want to hug all of you. Happy New Year, my friends.


My house is very strangely empty.

Alas, eisa and the Puppy Monster have left, having been picked up by the kind samaritan beowabbit for the drive home to Boston.

It was a lovely two week visit, and me thinks I'll be sleeping a lot lonelier tonight.
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