April 20th, 2006

foamy domination

A TES Fest Teaser

I haven't really talked much about TES Fest here, have I?

Well, let's solve that. I took on quite the task this year. This is not just any old TES Fest. This is our 35th Anniversary celebration. Quite the cause for a party, no?

So they asked me to take on a job. A much higher involvement than I ever have had before. And I accepted.

I am the Programming Director for TESFest '06.

Now, some of you may say, so what? Big deal.

Yeah, right.

Here was my first hurdle. Up until this year, lolitasir has done the programming for every big TES event in my memory. TES2000, TES30, and all the TESFest's following. She worked on the International Leather Celebration in '94. I'm not sure, but I think she worked on TES25 (right, sis?) Not to mention several BR events.

She's the bomb. She's amazing. I don't think there is anyone in the planet who can program like her, and that isn't the little brother talking here. It's the truth. She doesn't program - she puts on masterpieces. She is the greatest programming sadist, causing every attendee to curse at her every time slot, where there is always more than one class to attend, and we are of just one body.

And I'm supposed to fill those shoes. Ha.

And then to make matters worse, we're going bigger. Much bigger. Bigger than we have ever done.

120 fucking classes. Yep. 120. That's one large number, don't ya think?

Thankfully, I am not alone. I have an amazing right hand man in jd_trouble. He rocks.

Tonight, we went through it all. And guess what? I just might have too MANY classes.

The number 120 will be my bitch. This event will rock.

You better all come to this event. I have poured my soul into this program. Come see it.

June 30 to July 4th. www.tesfest.org