May 5th, 2006


Funny star sighting

I just rode an elevator with John Leguizamo. He was wearing thick red shades, and a ball cap pulled down tight. It was just me, him, and one of my company's mailroom guys.

Finally, the mailroom guy turns to him and says, "So, does that hat and shade thing really work?"

John laughed and said, "50% of the time, man. Peace out."
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Image by the masses

I've been using the smoking peep icon for a long time now. Maybe I should change it. What do you think?

Poll #723181 Choose my image, and I will follow your lead...

What should my default icon be?

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We have a winner!

It was, truly, no contest. But of course, with all the boot sluts reading me, how could it be?

Face it, in the overall kink community, boots just have a larger fan base than peeps. Sorry peep folks, it's true.

And yes, me as a pimp? Slightly frightening. Fear not - my co-workers thought so too (yes, that was from a work party.)

Of course, in the end, it had to be the boots - thornyc said so.

Edit: What is, it with, me and, two words, beginning sentences, followed by, a comma? But Spock! Damnit Jim! Jane you, ignorant slut!
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