May 9th, 2006


I'm at work early because I need to leave in 15 minutes from here for a meeting in NJ.

Yay. Thrilled am I.

Then, at 3 PM, I get to hustle off to LaGuardia for a overnight business trip to Dallas. Despite my desire to get out and hang with the Texans, after calculating everything I need to do, there isn't a chance in hell I'll be able to do anything fun there. I return home by tomorrow night.

Even more thrilled. Really. Bask in my thrilled goodness.

I'm going to have another work trip coming up soon, but this time in Boston! My boss knows me well - he e-mailed me asking me to pick a Friday to go up to Boston, that way I can hang with my friends.

So, friends, any specific weekend in May seem good to you?
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