June 6th, 2006

1/2 Pound of Boymeat

A serious hunt.

After a lovely, non-stressful weekend, my Sunday evening began to alarm me. My lower back started to spasm - a pain that I had not felt in many years. Long time readers of Lolita's P&P may remember that now-infamous "Boston Babes who Broke Boymeat" story.

Well, it looks as if that injury has come up once again.

By the time I went to bed Sunday night, I was in enough pain for audible yelps. By 5 AM, after maybe 2 hours of sleep, I called eisa and asked her to come help.

She came right by, the angel slave she is... and plied me with ice packs, advil, and muscle relaxants. Called in to work at 6 AM as I knew I wasn't going anywhere, and promplty fell asleep until 11:30. Repeat, rince, and once again, I was out by 2:30. Woke up at 7:30. Wake up, rince, repeat, out by 1:00 AM.

I'm here at work now with a belt providing heat to my lower back. I'm definetely a bit stiff, legs have the occasional cramp, as does my upper back.

Does anyone know a good kink-friendly massage therapist in the NYC area? I'm due for a serious visit.
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