June 13th, 2006

TES Fest Day Passes Now Available!

OK... I understand the money aspect of attending an event. I really do. I am not going to Leather Retreat next weekend, in large part because I cannot afford it. So, trust me, I understand.

So, here you go. Day passes, ladies and gentlemen. Day passes, 2-day passes... there are NO barriers to entry at this point. We are doing everything in our power to allow for YOU to attend and enjoy TES Fest 06, our 35th Anniversary of being.

And to allow you to see a slice of the motherf*#&@ 120 classes I put together for this romp through the kinky world.

Here's a press release. It has costs. It has details. Come to our event. We'll roll out the carpet for ya.

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And if working on TES Fest and this weekend's Leather Pride Night wasn't enough...

Tonight I am hosting a panel at TES! Come and see!

Tuesday June 13, 2006
TES meeting: "NY Leather Community: Building Bridges"
with an expert panel: moderated by Boymeat with Robert Valin,
Lisa Vandever, Lolita Wolf, and Susan Wright
The New York Scene... a diverse group of societies, clubs, and
playspaces. Do we inter-operate, and if not, why not? Let's sit
down and talk!
$4 for members of TES and other SM/leather orgs; $8 for others
260 West 36th Street, 3rd floor
Doors open 7:30pm (no early arrivals please!); meeting begins at 8pm
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