October 26th, 2006

The hair must stay on!!!

Title was inspired by, and written with apologies to Queen.

So, there is this girl. I've known her for 5 years... maybe more. Vanilla, ex-coworker. We hung out a lot, took smoke breaks together, I went to a birthday party or two with her.

Over the years, we began to flirt. It grew heavier. Turns out she has a thing for her feet being played with. OK, I can do that.

We kissed a few times. Always hinted at doing more. Never did.

Recentely, we started talking again. Flirting again. And it finally became serious - that we would really get together and have some fun.

Up starts the negotiation. And her big catching point? Her one big must-have request?

She wants me to shave/wax/nair my chest. She hates body hair, and wants me to get rid of mine. And it's a deal-breaker. She won't back down from it.

Sorry, hun. No hook-up is worth that. The fur stays.
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bork - made by ozw

Another deep thought.

Here is something that I have been pondering.

Why do gourds exist? What is their purpose? Do we really have an entire industry based around growing strange little objects only used two months out of the year simply for decoration?

Maybe I'm just an ignorant city-boy... but I really don't get it.

Why gourds?
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