December 25th, 2006

Hi (ow) everyone (ow.)

To start my lovely week off in holiday bliss, I decided to do something that I wouldn't be able to have the luxury to do while working.

I threw my back out. Horribly. On Friday night.

Since then, life has been my TENS unit, non stop Ibuprofen and Alleve, and lots and lots of pain. I scared poor dahling out of her gord Friday night while trying to sleep. Apparently paralyzing back seizing causes me enough pain to scream very loudly. It broke my heart to have my girl watch me in so much pain.

By yesterday I was finally able to walk again.

Perhaps some exercise might be in order for the future. I'm way too young to be walking around hunchback like I am now.

My leather Daddy is in town, and is also newly on LJ - daddyfaye. I haven't seen enough of her during this trip. After I post this (and say ow a few more times) I will call lolitasir and arrange for us to do Chinese food and a movie. Like a good Jew does today.

Dunno if it is going to be in a movie theater though. Ow.
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