January 2nd, 2007

1/2 Pound of Boymeat

The new year in the country... er... city.

This morning I walked out of the apartment, a little grumbly for having to wake up and leave a beautiful dahling still resting in our bed.

I made it one block when I saw the most curious thing... a naked christmas tree blowing down the middle of West End Avenue. It rolled past me in a hurry, as if it was late for a date ala Alice in Wonderland. The tumbleweed of NYC, it was the perfect amount of surreality needed for me to become inspired enough for the assault on the first workday of 2007.

It is a new year, with new changes. Already, the year brings on radical new designs - the Wall Street Journal, the Redwood Forest of publishing, has actually changed its size. Smaller, fits better in your hand, readable on the subway. Amazing that such an old standard could finally bend to wave of changes the 21st Century has brought to bear.

I am excited about this year. The ball dropped with me in the company of friends, partners, lovers old and current, family. Any celebration spent in such a manner can only promise good things. Happiness. Success. Bliss.

I will have my share this year.
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