January 8th, 2007


Sorry... I have gas.

The city appears to be all a-flutter due to the smell of gas permeating throughout the west side of Manhattan. From downtown to midtown, with some buildings even being evacuated as a precautionary measure. I can hear sirens wailing every few moments, no doubt emergency workers trying to pinpoint where the smell is coming from. (Some initial reports say there is a gas leak not too far from where I work.)

My mother even called to check on me.

So, I decided to be a responsible NYC citizen, and check to see for myself how extensive the problem is.

I went downstairs, lit up a cigarette, and waited to blow up.

I didn't. We're fine.
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1/2 Pound of Boymeat

Moments of clarity and surprise.

There are moments in one's life which require pausing and wondering... how in the world did I get here? When did this become my life?

lolitasir and I were reminiscing the other night about something that happened at International Mr. Leather 2000 which caused that very pause. It was after the contest was over... Bruce Chopnick had stepped down as IML '99, and the amazing Mike Taylor had been newly sashed. Lolita and I were dressed to the nines - me in formal leather, Lolita in an outrageous little girl uniform that poofed out all over. We were quite the spectacle for the "old stodgy traditional" crowd - she in her leather Mickey Mouse ears, me wearing pirate Goofy floppy ears, the both of us clutching our white teddy bears garbed in leather.

We were scooped up by our Daddy, daddyfaye, and escorted out of the theater. Next thing I remember, we are sitting in a white limousine with Faye, our mommy Cara... along with Bruce Chopnick, and his 1st and 2nd runner-ups. I'm sitting in this limo, hearing all the emotions pouring out of these no-longer-sash queens, all the while blinking and looking frantically at my family for any visual queues as to how I should respond or act. I was relieved to see that Lolita had the same look of confusion.

The limo was headed towards Chicago's House of Blues, where the infamous IML closing dance extravaganza was to take place. There, Mike Taylor made his thunderous first appearance as IML. As we left the limo, and stepped inside the House of Blues... I slowly turned back to the limo, shaking in bewilderment.

How in the world did I get there? What was I doing in that limo, at such a time and place? One second I was watching the contest and flirting with friends. The next moment I am ushered into a whole new world, where few people ever really walk.

I never knew until the other night that our Mommy had rented the limo for Chopnick and company. We apparently were just along for the ride because that is where our family was. But for 6 years, I was completely baffled.

Last night, I had another one of those other worldly moments in Willow Grove, PA. This time I have a better idea as to how and why I was there. But it's still amazing.
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bork - made by ozw

Where Boymeat once again praises the beings of T-Shirt Hell...

I've mentioned this before, but I think it merits repeating. T-Shirt Hell is wonderful. Alright, they offended a few people in the past... maybe not wonderful.

Let's say this then... they are delightfully reliable. And on that point, no one can argue.

Major news story breaks? There's a shirt for it. Famous person died? They're now on a shirt. Strange occurances taking place? Got it, it's a shirt, baby. (Love that last one.)

And then there is this. Oh. Dear. Lord.

Love them. Even though I can't buy them, for doing so would risk death at the hands of lolitasir, dahling, njlexi, among others I am sure.
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