April 20th, 2007

smoking peep

Spike defined.

The online Merriam-Webster dictionary defines Spike as the following:

Main Entry: 1spike
Pronunciation: 'spIk
Function: noun
Etymology: Middle English, probably from Old Norse spIk splinter & spIkr spike; akin to Middle Dutch spiker spike -- more at SPOKE
1 : a very large nail
2 a : one of a row of pointed irons placed (as on the top of a wall) to prevent passage b (1) : one of several metal projections set in the sole and heel of a shoe to improve traction (2) plural : a pair of shoes having spikes attached to the soles or soles and heels c : SPINDLE 1e
3 : something resembling a spike: as a : a young mackerel not over six inches (15.2 centimeters) long b : an unbranched antler of a young deer
4 plural : SPIKE HEEL 2
5 : the act or an instance of spiking (as in volleyball)
6 a : a pointed element in a graph or tracing b : an unusually high and sharply defined maximum (as of amplitude in a wave train)
8 : a momentary sharp increase and fall in electric potential; also : ACTION POTENTIAL
9 : an abrupt sharp increase (as in prices or rates)

I think it has missed a definition. spike is also a damn good guy, and someone I consider a friend. It continues to lack to mention that today is spike's birthday!

Happy birthday spike, you hypodermic needle you.
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1/2 Pound of Boymeat

Fridays should be about happiness, right?

Please excuse my rambling.

If I open my eyes, and really look at the world we are living in today, I get very sad.

I feel like my childhood is being shattered right in front of me. Scanning a newspaper or a website fills me with grief.

I get a comp subscription to the NY Post at home, and while I detest their right-wing slant and anti-sex attitudes on everything, sometimes I rejoice in it. Because most of their headlines have absolutely nothing to do with reality. A-Rod hits another home run for the Yankees. Paris Hilton is fucking someone else. Brittney Spears got a new wig.

Schlock, all of it. But sometimes, schlock I need.

Because if you really paid attention to what is happening in the world today - countless deaths in Iraq, loner teenagers shooting up bystanders to get attention, environment going to hell in a hand basket, countries in Africa constantly waring, all of it...

You would get really depressed.

Maybe I'm feeling this way because I am going to a wake tonight, and a funeral tomorrow. Maybe opening myself up to grief forces me to open my eyes to everything else.

Some people argue that we as a culture have become desensitized. That it is deplorable how the human race has turned a blind eye to all that is wrong with the world.

I sometimes argue that it is our only defense. That to try to wrap our arms around everything around us would send us all into therapy, or perhaps even worse.

I used to say ignorance is bliss aloud. I still say it to myself.
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loser - made by ozw

*looking for a rock to kick*

Feh to the news.

Feh to my ever-present headache.

Feh to work projects pissing me off.

Feh to feh.

I'm gonna go downstairs and smoke a cigarette while reading Page Six. That'll cheer me up.
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