May 7th, 2007

Cryptic Phil Returns!

Somedays, I feel like Bart Simpson, sent to scrawl silly messages on a chalkboard.

I will not be emo.
I will not be emo.
I will not be emo.
I will not be emo.

Yeah, this post makes so sense at all to anyone but me. Maybe not even me.

Move along. Nothing to see here.

Wedding planners, take note.

Forget taking the centerpiece home, I want the bride!

Taken from the current issue of The Week:

An Indian man turned up so drunk for his own wedding that the bride married his younger brother instead. Not only was the original groom intoxicated, said local police officer Manho Singh, he had "misbehaved with guests," prompting the bride's family to chase him away and offer their teenage daughter to the groom's more sober younger brother, who immediately accepted. The original groom has since apologized, said Singh, "but has been crying that the word will spread and he will never get a bride again."

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