June 11th, 2007

Further adventures in HAWT-Lanta.

I really need to stop doing this. Well, no, I really really really don't, and don't intend to, but... still.

Because, it's not a competition. It's not like hitting these scales is something that should necessarily be celebrated, or desired... and the scenes that caused them were certainly not any better or worse than any others. But... still.

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Going from starfucker to starfuckee.

I have a hard time with the word "celebrity." Especially when it is directed at me.

The day I realized I was google-able, I freaked the fuck out. Really. My name is Phil, I'm a normal guy who works a normal job and lives in a normal smaller than fuck apartment and have the same money woes as anyone else out there. I am just another guy.

I am just another guy who likes to hit people, and for some strange reason people want me to tell them how to hit people more efficiently, with better accuracy, and with more glee and delight.

kathryntact has a wonderful girlfriend, the_hilzy_one. And like a good little girl should, kathryntact looked to share her new toy (i.e.: me) with her girlfriend. So, at 3 AM on Sunday morning, she did just that.

Can I interject right here and say I have no idea how this became my life, but I'm really fucking happy it did? Yeah, cause, yeah.

At first, I thought the_hilzy_one was just humoring me. But soon, we definetely hit it off on our own right. The three of us spent Sunday having more great times, and my singletail went loose again onto Hilzy. Fun fun fun was had.

The running joke of the weekend was that I was such a star, and they were so lucky to play with me. I was a pro-vert. A scenelebrity. Leatheratti. I blushed, and laughed, and only sometimes fought from running and hiding. Cue the normal guy Phil here.

So finally, to put the ultimate cap on what was the silliest day of the silliest and most funnest romp of a weekend, the_hilzy_one sneaked away and did something devious. She visited the kind folks from Fantasies in Leather and bought us all a gift - silver lame hankies.

A photo was taken of the three of our asses - me flagging left, the two of them surrounding me, flagging right.

I can't wait for the_hilzy_one  to move Northeast, which will be happening in a matter of weeks. NY, get ready. 'Cause here comes trouble.