June 13th, 2007


A brilliant speech.

At Southeast Leatherfest this past weekend, I was honored to be a judge for their contests. One of the competitions was for Southeast Bootblack 2007. Now, in many places around the country, bootblack titleholders are selected by a popularity contest - people get a ticket to give to the competitor of their choosing, the tickets are tallied, and the highest number wins. The theory is that the winner will no doubt be the best at doing boots - but that is almost never the case. The reality is the person was viewed as the most pleasing to the eye, or had enough people from their local community going to bat for them, drumming up votes.

Also, bootblacks are almost always expected to care about one thing and one thing only - preservation of the bootblack tradition. No one ever asks a bootblack what their feelings are on other matters. And it's a shame, because bootblacks are fully rounded individuals just like everyone else, and they have opinions on other things. They have ideas, they have philosophies to contribute.

I was happy to learn that the SE Bootblack contest would run differently. They would be judged on technical skills by a panel of experienced bootblacks, and then they would also be treated like any other title contestant, thus having to be interviewed by the judges, and make a speech on stage. This would be a contest of value - not just popularity.

As many people know, I am very proud of the work I had done in creating the idea of The Next Generation (TNG) groups. I feel like I helped create a major contribution to the overall SM scene. While I have pulled away from any active involvement, I am still asked questions on the topic, and am sometimes seen as a resource. I have pulled away, but I still feel passionate about it.

The winner of this year's Southeast Bootblack title is Q, lzbnangel. And she made a speech on stage that caused lthrlibrarian and I, and many others, leap from our chairs in applause. Here was a bootblack who demonstrated intelligence, passion, and concern for something very important. And it touched me and my TNG work tremendously. It is only unfortunate that her speech was heard by only the attendees of SELF, and not the larger world.

Thus, for that very reason, with her permission granted, I am reposting Q's speech for all of you to read. This is a major issue felt by many younger people in our scene, and we would all benefit tremendously by absorbing it, thinking about it, and working towards change.

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Blog envy.

Since Dark Odyssey last year, there has been blogging all around me. Content in my Livejournal universe, I very rarely peered over the top of the window to see what else what out there in the scary internet world. I knew of these bloggers... online diaries taking on a more literary nature. I would stop in and read Singletails now and then, and then expanded to a few others. The commenting system seemed so... archaic to me though, and I enjoyed the community that Livejournal had to offer. So I stayed here.

But Dark Odyssey introduced me to wacky world of the sex bloggers. Four people who would expand my internet reading universe beyond all comprehension.

Viviane. Jefferson. Marcus. Selina.

Between these four, I discovered the amount of fucking and sucking that I only dreamed possible when I was in the throes of puberty. I saw sex taken to a new level. It was as if the writers of The New Yorker or The Atlantic Monthly started hosting orgies every other week. It was mind boggling, but a lot of fun to read.

Soon, I noticed that Livejournalers had blogs too. Lolita. My girlfriend. There were bloggers all around me.

And I noticed there was status here. You did not parade that you had a Livejournal account. But you boasted about your blog. You met up at blogger get-togethers, formed special blog clubs. Blog-chic was all around me, and I was left in my land of avatars.

I longed for the status of being a blogger.

But I'm lazy. And I really don't want another medium to write in. Livejournal is plenty for me!

My property* made me a proposal - to make me a website. And on it came a link to my "blog." But we all knew... it was just my Livejournal.

Not anymore. My slave* has one-upped my desires, all through the exciting magic of RSS feeds. Now I too can (pretend to) be a blogger! Now I can hold my head up high and say yes I'm (still a wanna-be) blogger too! Look! Look at my (fake) blog!

So exciting. I'm finally somebody (a poseur). My life is (pathetically) complete now.


* What? Property? Slave? Boymeat, are you holding out on us???

Yep. Good future post on that one. I may not be a real blogger, but I can build some anticipation, right?
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