August 1st, 2007

Cue Faith No More.

How does that song go again? Falling to Pieces? "...somebody put me together..."

Yeah. Right now I feel like my life is crumbling apart all around me. I'm sure if that is true or not, but it sure feels that way.

And to ensure that I am feeling especially miserable, my back just threw itself out an hour ago. I'm in blinding pain whenever I try to stand up, which by the way, I can't do. I'm stuck in my chair at my desk at work, and I really can't move. At all. lolitasir will be bringing me a TENS unit hopefully by lunchtime, but until then, I'm stuck at my desk in an amazing amount of agonizing pain.

Past experiences tell me that this will last for at least a week.

And right smack in the middle of the busiest time I have had all year at work. I simply cannot afford to be out of the office.

Which is a shame, because I should be in an emergency room right now.

Well, sucks to be me.
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Electricity is your friend.

There is a TENS unit on my back, and I am home.

lolitasir came to my office like the amazing guardian angel she is. We slapped the TENS unit on, and a half hour later I was good enough to stand up in a very shaky fashion and go pee. Ooooh that felt good.

Thanks to my company calling a car for me, I'm home. lolitasir is going to be buying me some Alleve, and we're just gonna have a nice ole' time between me and the TENS unit and drugs.

I'm surprisingly more mobile than last time this happened. Hopefully I won't miss that much work.