September 27th, 2007

And another year rolls around the bend...

It's amazing just how fast birthdays seem to come around these days. When I was young, it seemed like it would take an eternity for my birthday to arrive. So much anticipation, so much excitement. How amazing it seemed to finally be 11, instead of sorry old 10.

Now birthdays have kind of changed. Not as much excitement anymore. Every year I feel more... adult. I get more responsibilities - more stuff to handle. Last night I wound up driving over 100 miles before I could even start packing. Had to pick up my mother from the hospital (yet another surgery), drive her home back to Brighton Beach, Brooklyn, drive our homekeeper back to her home near Kings Plaza, and then all the way back to my place in the Upper West Side. A tired man I was.

I miss the carefree pizazz of the good old days.

My birthday is tomorrow, and I'll be celebrating it in San Jose. Tomorrow night, I get a special treat - I will be giving my first ever keynote speech at SM Odyssey's Folsom Fringe event. And, I'll be sharing the podium with lolitasir, which just seems so right and natural. I think it will be a great speech - I hope they like it.

On Sunday, I'll be at the grandpapa of all street fairs, the Folsom Street Fair. Good luck trying to find me amongst the other 300,000 or so people who will also be looking to be found. Happy hunting.
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