October 3rd, 2007


The skies over NYC today are a gloomy gray. Much like my mood, strangely enough. Woke up in a funk and I haven't been able to shake out of it.

Not all is bad though, as pages 30-31 of the current issue of Time Out NY (that would be the October 4th issue) features lolitasir and myself as sexperts! Lolita is in the Bondage and Spanking categories, and I star in the Electric play, Feet, and Watersports write-ups. Also in the issue are friends such as Jefferson on page 18 (double penetrations, oh my!), a very good pro-domme friend of mine, Mistress Coraline on pages 24 and 26, and Selina Fire on Anal Play on page 30.

I need to build a stable of fuckbuddies in NYC. Especially those who can be available for same-day excursions. Ah, not bloody likely. I do much better out of state. Oh well.

Picture post!

Your honor. My name is Mr. Wolf, and I am the representative of the defendant referred to as "Boymeat." It is our argument that any calamities suffered by any of my client's associates and/or acquaintances during this past weekend in the state of NY, or any other state within our Union other than California were definitely not due to my client. We would now like to submit exhibits A and B, photographic evidence of my client's whereabouts in California.

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