November 21st, 2007

1/2 Pound of Boymeat

Adventures in reading.

Reading can be so frustrating, sometimes. For example...

Frustration is reading that hot, hot, hot porn story online, really getting into it, your half-awake mind being transplanted into this other world of debauchery and deviance. And then, when both in the story and in reality, climax is reached, you come awake to realize that because your frivolity, you will now be late to work.

Or, frustration is reading something that bothers you, admonishing yourself to just not read that again, lest it bothers you some more. And a mere minute later, catch yourself swinging your browser towards the same story, just to get upset again.

Even more, frustration is that book you've been reading for 2 weeks now on your commute and cigarette breaks. You have 40 pages to go to the finale, you want to devour these last words, but you know you have to close the book because people expect you to actually work for a living.

Reading is frustrating. Reading is fundamental.

Frustration is fundamental.
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mack truck

Movie geekery time. Convoy is mentioned. Eyes roll.

Last night, lolitasir, quem98 and I sat down to watch Quentin Tarantino's Death Proof. It was the third time I have seen it in two days - the first the night before with another visitor, and the second right before my two guests arrived last night.

Yes, the movie is that awesome.

Now, we all know that Quentin loves to reference other movies in his own. It's one of his calling cards - and sends the movie geeks off searching for all the clues to other past, usually little-known, movies.

I'm now obsessed from one such clue.

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Holy shit. My life is complete. I am now experiencing a movie euphoria greater than anything ever before.
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