March 10th, 2008

dilbert hit keyboard

Miracles do happen.

The mere fact that my face is not currently being temporarily tattooed with the impressions of the keys of my keyboard is astounding me right now. Or that I have only consumed two cups of coffee thus far.

I am operating, almost fully functional no less, at work currently with only an hour and a half of sleep under my belt.

No matter how hard I tried, I just couldn't get to sleep last night. It wasn't until the clock struck 7 AM when my eyes finally decided to close.

Perhaps it was the shift in time due to that lovely DST. Or perhaps how my brain just wouldn't turn off no matter how hard I pleaded with it. Bad thoughts, anxious thoughts, sexy thoughts, any thoughts at all causing my mind to run in a hamster cage wheel.

Or perhaps it was because I didn't get home from Saturday night's reverie until 5 AM Sunday morning (adjusted time, natch), and didn't actually get to sleep until 6 AM, and I didn't wake up until 3 PM.

And I was only 45 minutes late to work.

It's a miracle.
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1/2 Pound of Boymeat

Question and answer month - post number six.

I'm skipping the order of questions again. Because I can. So there. Neener neener.

(That last statement is completely attributable to the fact that my brain is running on fumes.)

I'm asked:

If I tell you that you feel safe to me, is that a bad thing? By safe it means you feel emotionally safe enough to me to consider having sex with you. You feel safe enough to me that I'd like to talk to you about me having sex/play with other men. I don't want to disrespect you or to use you in some icky fashion.
I know we've teased each other a bit and that you'd really like a crack at my ass so to speak. I like our teasing and flirting but I don't want to do anything to harm our friendship or hurt your feelings.
So even though you're raunchy and perverted, you feel safe to me. Is that ok with you?

This had to be one of the greatest compliments ever given me. You have touched me, humbled me, and made me blush. And that is just my initial reactions.

Yes, I am very much OK with this. I love how our relationship has progressed from acquaintances to friendship, and I am excited to turn the next corner and see what is there.

I want to hug you right now so much it hurts.

You can ask your questions here. All questions will be screened.
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You can haz reading.

Thanks to the hard, diligent work from the most beautiful webslave one could ever hope for, kinkmogul, my website has now been updated with my 2008 schedule so far.

But even better, you can now read all 3 of the keynote speeches I have presented so far. Rio Grande Leather, TNG4, and Folsom Fringe where I shared the stage with lolitasir.