July 11th, 2008

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Friday Funniez!!!

I swear that real posts will be featured in this space soon. But after three weeks of events in a row (Leather Pride Night/Folsom Street East, Leather Retreat, TES Fest 08), changed and new relationships, work stress, and me being sick for a week, writing just hasn't been the first thing on my mind.

In the meantime, time to dig out the Friday meme thing I tried to create a month ago.

We're using http://www.says-it.com/ to create sheer lunacy and laughter. Today's game? Danger signs!

Go to http://www.says-it.com/dangersign/ and create your best stuff, and then post it here!

Here is mine:

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A review.

Sometimes, you can write about an event yourself. Other times, people do it for you.

So to take a page from viviane212  and her fabulous Sex Carnival, here is a selection of posts about yours truly and TES Fest that can be found on the great interwebs.

kathryntact and I had some amazing moments at TES Fest. Here are her write-ups on some of them:

Other people posted reviews of the event:

There are many, many other posts I would love to include, but they are all posted under friend's only walls! So go out make and friends with my friends!
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