April 6th, 2009

bork - made by ozw

Schmaltz this!

The above photo depicts a table at the legendary Sammy's Roumanian restaurant in the Lower East Side of NYC. Two of the required foodstuffs are included in this photo - seltzer (in blue), and schmaltz (in yellow). For years and years and years I've wanted to go here, but could never find someone masochistic enough to join me in the artery hardening glory of Sammy's.

Until this past Friday.

Mmmm schmaltz.

Of course, now I'm literally obsessed with the word schmaltz. Poor kathryntact has had to put up with me using schmaltz in almost every sentence imaginable. "Boy, I'd like to dip my stick in your schmaltz." Or, "oh yeah, schmaltz me baby."

Sounds like a great idea for a meme on a rainy Monday. Give me your most schmaltzy sentence!

For more Sammy's fun, click the building on each page here to get a visual display of their egg cream magic.
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