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Update on the state of German delicacies

Above is the face of a man who has what I think most would call... odd eating habits.

Remember the story of the consensual cannibalism scene in Germany? Well, there has been an update to it. The German courts have ruled a retrial, saying that the original manslaughter conviction was not enough. They want murder.

Read all about it.

I personally find this story absolutely fascinating. In a world where many of us kinksters take the position that sexual activity between two consenting adults should be legal and protected by law... this blurs the lines.

On Wednesday, at GMSMA, Barbara Nitke was the speaker. She talked about her CDA case with the NCSF against the federal government. And a discussion was started - if we are trying to battle the law's interpretation on obsenity (currently, it is applied to local community standards, meaning the most easily offended community can declare what is obsene for the entire nation,) then we must take a leadership position in defining what is obscene and what isn't. We as the plaintiffs in the case must take the leadership role in the conversation and create a definition for others to accept, instead of the religious right defining it for us.

But, could we ever get a group of kinky people to truly come to agreement as to what is and isn't obscene? Is this story of the German cannibal obscene? Should he be protected, as he was acting out a consensual act?


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