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You may be right... I may be crazy...

More on being stressed - I think I hide it well.

Leather Pride weekend just passed. It was a whole roller-coaster of fun, events, and emotions. And I lived.

Friday night there were many options to choose from - the Metrobears bar night, the Leatherman anniversary party, and the Northeast LeatherSIR/boy contest. I opted instead to have dinner with my wonderful Leather Mommy who loves me and makes me feel happy... and then off to the movies with two of my best friends in NYC. I missed them so much... I feel like the waves have pushed us farther and farther apart. It was good and important to spend time with them. Thank you to the both of you for the phone call.

Saturday saw me at the Roxy at 1 PM to help with set-up. I had official responsiblities there - getting photo releases, ensuring that the staff and presenters photos were taken, handing out badges, etc. And as usual, I also ran around doing other things as well. It is strange to be percieved as a veteran of LPN. Having people turn to me and ask how things should be done is an odd experience - I don't feel like I am a veteran, yet when I open my eyes, I realize that I have been on the LPN committee for a very long time. Strange awakening, that one.

The auction was fabulous. If you weren't there, well, I'm sorry. Leather Pride Night is my favorite evening in NYC, hands down. If I ever leave NYC, I will cry over not being a part of it. To see so many sub-communities in one room and having a great time with one another is awe-inspiring. Jo Arnone was amazing as always as auctioneer. God bless her, and the leather community for having her.

Saturday night ended on a highnote, and then led to a Sunday morning low note. I don't know what more to say about that. I was dissapointed, and very frustrated. So be it.

Went to help with LPN load-out into storage, which was great. Got to do some lifting and pushing and more, using physical activity to vent out my frustrations. Then off to a farewell brunch for someone I wish I knew better. But I do imagine I will get to know him more, and goodbye was not a goodbye.

Finally, Folsom Street Fair. Great day, wrong boots. Feet killed all day long. But got to spend quiet time with friends. Had a few scenes, made vague future planning, and just lived. It was an odd day though... first time I was there without someone really with me during the event. I found myself lonely and lost on several occassions. When did NYC stop feeling like home? When did I become so out-of-touch with my local community? And how do I get that back? It was a strange feeling, and I fought the urge to just run home and hide. I'm glad I did.

That's my weekend in a (very large) nutshell. There was no real purpose to writing this down - I just felt like writing. It feels good.


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