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Gotta love family

Thank goodness for my leather family.

After seeing a shitty apartment in a shitty neighborhood up 5 flights of shitty stairs, I went out for some fun.

lolitasir and our Leather Mommy Cara went out to see Avenue Q. Fabulous, fabulous show. Made just for Muppet freaks like me.

I'll figure out a way to incorporate them into my kink, somehow.

Interesting take away from that show. First time I haven't truly left a broadway show inspired and feeling like all was well in the world. Wonder if I forced some interpretations due to my current mood.

Still, it was muppets on stage. And they cursed and did sexual things. On Broadway.


On a more sad note, Mommy was supposed to stay the night with me, but I sent her back home with my sis. Looks like lucky me came down with a cold. Two days before I leave for Leather Retreat. Damnit.

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