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Saw some really bizarre places this afternoon... bizarre enough to make me think about it. Then I saw one tonight that also is making me think. All in Harlem, but not too bad commute wise either of them. I definetely felt safe with the first. Not so sure about the second (anyone have thoughts on Lenox Ave in the 140's?) but it does have 24/7 doormen.

Not sure. But, that's alright.
eisa  is on her way here, and I will get to enjoy her calming presence. Then we head out for LR tomorrow afternoon.

In the meantime, I am sitting in my apartment, procrastinating from packing while listening to Faithless' Reverence  album. Specifically track three, Salva Mea. A song that brings me back to the first time I truly tried MDMA, and blissfully rocked back into love and dance with my then partner. Just the two of us alone, sweaty, heated, animalistic passion, love and life.

Good memories.

It's June 22nd, and I have seen 15 apartments, give or take a couple. I have until July 31st to move out of my current place. I think I'm doing OK.

I'm breathing. I'm going to go to camp tomorrow, teach my classes, spend time with friends, play with eisa , and possibly get photographed by Barbara Nitke during a scene with lolitasir . I am going to do my best to put all of this shit I have been through off to the side for 3 days.


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