Boymeat (boymeat) wrote,

Weekend in paradise

Weekends like the one I just had do not come by often enough. It absolutely amazes me that I have traveled a path from being a lonely teenager with low self-esteem and even a lower amount of true friends... to being in a room as an emerging adult with 6 truly amazing human beings, being encouraged to drop all my inhibitions and let my true freak flag hang out, to coin a phrase. I am actually getting rather emotional thinking about it... just the sheer amount of love, joy, friendship, peacefulness, and absolute fucking bliss and orgasmic pleasure that was resonating throughout the apartment. And while a lot can be said about those little looking pills that served as a conduit for all this bliss... it was more. It was the gathering of the like-minded... the similar souls who have wandered through life searching for one another... and found paradise in each others arms.

My big brother was there... and all we had to do was look into each others eyes to see the connection. My big-sis... we were blessed with holding her hand and leading her into Eden for the first time. She smiled. Lots. And the view on the bathroom floor was a joy to behold. The feline was just that... crawling around, playfully pawing and squirming on the ground, on the bed... and it was pleasant surprise to find my face played with by her lower paws... The others, who I have not made up cute nicknames for as of yet... part of myriad of happiness...

The girl. What can I say about the girl? She heard my stories... heard me wax and wane poetically about the wonders that can be found... and was dubious. But with everything 50% bigger... she saw. and felt. and cried out in joy.

Rapture. Thats what it is. Pure rapture.

Oh... Kate? I love you. Again. Still.

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