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Old man, look at my life...

There is another reason despite all the emotional stuff that many of you didn't see too much of me at camp.

You see, I have this old war injury. *points and stares at brigeecat* And for some reason, last week it decided to flare up.

The result? Me walking around with back pain. Lots of it.

It's in my lower back, right by the hip, and designed so that if I sit or lie down in certain positions for any random measurement of time, it's hard for me to get back up. And it hurts. Lots.

It's still bothering me. I suspect it will be a week before this goes away.

Ah well, at least the romp in the hay that caused this so many years ago (5? 6?) was worth it. Good memories.

Enjoy the icon. With the back pain, they are the muppets I truly emulate right now.

Where is my Danish masseuse when I need her?

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